Partners of Galaxy Fight Club


  1. Gold keys
  • Gold keys are the highest tier keys, these allow you to open loot boxes with high tier weapons and armor
  • You can only win Gold keys from matches if you are equipped with a Genesis Weapon from our Genesis Gear Collection, all premier partners will get whitelisted into this collection from 10th November 7PM EST.
Unrevealed Genesis Key
  • Partner keys can also be won if there is existing integration set up with the particular partner
  • Partner keys can open loot boxes to win that project’s specific loot, for example to win the partner’s project native tokens (e.g. $BANANAs) or NFTs (e.g. Sandbox skins/merch)
  • In the case that there is no integration set up with the partner, and you are playing with a non-Genesis weapon, you will still be able to win Silver keys which allow you to win Basic tier weapons and amour from loot boxes

Project Tournaments

GFC x Cyberkongz

Building the Super Smash Bros for the NFT Universe, learn more at

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Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

Building the Super Smash Bros for the NFT Universe, learn more at

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