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Galaxy Fight Club
3 min readNov 4, 2021


Cyberkongz, Iluvium, Animetas, Deadheads, BYOPill, Wicked Cranium and many others

All official partners of the Galaxy Fight Club are able to login with their favorite NFTs and battle with holders from other projects in our 3v3 mode.

3v3 is our main game mode and allow any player to participate whatever avatar they are playing with, a 3v3 match is over when either team has 20 points (1 point = 1 kill) which usually takes around 5 minutes per match. Having team members from the same collection gives the entire team combat bonuses, for example having 3 Animetas characters of having 3 Cyberkongz in the same team.

As a partnered avatar, you will be given a base weapon whenever you enter into the game for example a sword, pistol or any other basic tier weapon. Our weapons are divided in 8 tiers: basic, common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythic and exotic.


Partnered project players will also be able to play-to-earn inside our game, at the end of every match the winning team will have a chance of winning keys which are unique NFTs that can be used to open loot boxes for rewards. You have the choice of either selling these keys on secondary markets for $ETH or use them to open loot boxes for more rewards, however opening loot boxes will require $GCOIN which is generated by Genesis Galaxy Fighters but can also be purchased on exchanges.

There are three different type of keys that could be won inside the game depending on the avatar and weapon you are using.

  1. Gold keys
  • Gold keys are the highest tier keys, these allow you to open loot boxes with high tier weapons and armor
  • You can only win Gold keys from matches if you are equipped with a Genesis Weapon from our Genesis Gear Collection, all premier partners will get whitelisted into this collection from 10th November 7PM EST.

Genesis Keys allow all partnered project players to receive weapons and also act as access keys to win the highest tiers of loot inside the game, making use of 100% of our play-to-earn mechanics.

Unrevealed Genesis Key

2. Partner keys

  • Partner keys can also be won if there is existing integration set up with the particular partner
  • Partner keys can open loot boxes to win that project’s specific loot, for example to win the partner’s project native tokens (e.g. $BANANAs) or NFTs (e.g. Sandbox skins/merch)

3. Silver keys

  • In the case that there is no integration set up with the partner, and you are playing with a non-Genesis weapon, you will still be able to win Silver keys which allow you to win Basic tier weapons and amour from loot boxes

Project Tournaments

GFC x Cyberkongz

Other than being able to participate in the main 3v3 mode, we also plan to host project specific tournaments, these tournaments will have prizes that are native to that project.