GFC Update #8


The team doesn’t care too much about floor because floor is just a result of how people think about the project in the short term and can be very volatile due to other factors such as $ETH pumping but the team knows that most people care a lot about the floor so we will quickly touch upon this.

Even though it might not feel like it, surprisingly our floor still increased week on week, it increased around 10% if you compare it to the 12th (roughly 6 days ago) or floor kept stable if you compare it exactly to 7 days ago.

Analysis by @Zeneca_33

Considering that the whole market is seeing drops of 50%+ I think even just keeping the floor price stable is a good sigh because it means people aren’t trying to flip but are in it for the long term.

Now instead of doing updates in little sections today I would like to make 2 very big announcements, probably the two biggest announcements for the project to date — I know I keep saying this but that is because we really believe the news we are bring you this week is larger than the one in the last and we honestly think this will continue to happen. This is not to say we can bring you huge news every single week but this will definitely be true over the long term. Our ambitions are big and we always want to bring GFC to the next level.

Iluvium Partnership

As promised we released a new trailer mid-week and it’s been entertaining to watch the community speculate who our next partner is. In the end I think a number of you guessed correctly and it’s the purple girl in that last scene that was the easter egg. For those of who you haven’t seen the trailer yet it’s on our website, we are holding off from sharing it on Twitter because we are arranging easter egg hunt giveaways with our partners. There is always a reason behind everything that we are doing and not doing.

So… we are excited to announce an official partnership with Iluvium. The way that this partnership works is that there will be an airdrop of 1000 Iluvium characters by Iluvium to their community which has over 100K members through a competition in which their community members have to join our Discord to win.

We expect Iluvium to make the announcement on their side sometime next week once the bots for tracking the competition results are ready, so if you see people coming in from the Iluvium Discord please welcome them to the GFC family!

CyberKongz and Iluvium are our two most recent partnership announcements but behind the scenes we are talking to a large number of partners. Remember that GFC is a cross-IP platform which means we are trying to integrate as many projects as possible. And so think about how many potential users to the game we are attracting, even if just 20% of the users from each project joins our game that is already 1000 players, 10 projects is 10,000 players and there are probably hundreds of NFT projects we haven’t integrated yet.

Genesis Gear Collection Drop

This leads me onto my next big announcement which is that we will be dropping a 10K Genesis Gear Collection in early November. The Genesis Gear Collection is a drop of 10K loot box keys that can be minted with 0.15 ETH each, this will allow you to open loot boxes and receive unique NFTs for in-game gear including weapons. This drop is designed for current Galaxy Fighters who wish to switch their weapons to participate in forging/training 2nd generation fighters. It will also allow more people from other collections to get involved by getting a weapon for their avatar (e.g CyberKongz, Iluvium and other projects).

Each loot box key gets you at least 1 weapon and 1 BYOPill

With the Genesis Gear Collection we are attempting to do something that no other project has done before. When you open the loot box with the key that you minted on our website you are not just getting 1 NFT but will get between 2–4 separate and unique NFTs.

  • 1–2 Weapons: random weapon from 5 different tiers (basic — epic) can be won from the loot box, these weapons can then be used for forging higher tier weapons and burned to train second generation fighters
  • 1 BYOPill: consumables with cool-downs that give special power-ups such as invulnerability, invisibility and increased movement speed
  • 1 Mystery item: Battle pass and other items, Battle Passes have a number of special powers such as the ability to create clans/guilds inside the game, whitelists into IDO rounds, free cosmetic airdrops and other perks

So why are we doing this collection drop how does this drop drive value back to the Genesis Galaxy Fighters?

REASON 1: Increase value of Genesis Galaxy Fight as weapons will act as partial game access keys to increase user base

Increasing user base is crucial to any long term sustainable game and we needed a way to expand the user base without devaluing the Genesis Galaxy Fighters. What we have decided to do is to have multiple game modes.

1v1 (no rewards) — anyone can play this mode, they will get a default character to play with, the stats of this character will be roughly the same as the weakest Galaxy Fighter

1v1 (with rewards) — only holders of Galaxy Fighters or any weapon from our weapon collection can play this mode, there will be rewards in this mode such as $GCOIN and loot box keys

3v3 (highest rewards) — only holders of the Genesis Galaxy Fighters will be able to play in this mode, which has the highest rewards include $GCOIN, loot box keys and $ETH.

What this does is that it allows different levels of access based on the financial ability of the players and anyone who knows a little bit about marketing would know that this is a funnel designed to maximize user base and the value is ultimately captured by the Genesis Galaxy Fighters holders. Imagine the typical person coming across GFC:

a) They come across the project and tries our 1v1 (without rewards) mode for free

b) They like the game but he wants to play with a PFP from another collection but this PFP doesn’t have a weapon so he buys a weapon for his PFP as well as gain access to the 1v1 mode with the rewards

c) They are earning from the game and enjoying the 1v1 mode but wants to earn more and take part in the more exciting 3v3 game-mode, they also recognises the value in the $GCOIN yield so they save up, potentially by selling some of their loot from the 1v1 mode for $ETH to buy a Genesis Galaxy Fighter

So it’s clear how lower the barrier to try this game increases the overall demand to buy Genesis Galaxy Fighters. Not to mention that increasing the user base is just generally good for the value of the $GCOIN, like any economy the larger it is, the more demand there is for the currency and since supply is stable it would cause the value of each $GCOIN to increase.

It would be better to focus on user growth over everything, the more users, the more $GCOIN is in demand, the better matchmaking, the bigger the community + game longevity, and the greater the desire for cosmetic status items — Community Member

REASON 2: Increase $GCOIN value by providing ingredients to $GCOIN burn

$GCOINs are never intended to be used to buy weapons or gear directly like some people think, the main use of $GCOIN is in two use-cases 1) to forge weapons 2) to train 2nd generation fighters.

This means in order for these burning mechanisms to happen, there also need to be enough lower tier weapons to act as ingredients to facilitate these mechanics. This is why weapons play a huge role in our game loop, other than making up 50% of the strength of your fighter in the game, weapons are also used to forge higher tier weapons and train generation 2 fighters. This drop is a way to provide the initial batch of supply/ingredients to kickstart the forging and training process.

The exact number of weapons that needs to used/burned to forge new weapons or train the 2nd generation fighters will be confirmed soon but they are in the multiples. Of course the higher the tier of the weapons you use to train your 2nd generation fighters, the higher the chance of you receiving a rare 2nd generation fighter. This should make things interesting because it’s no longer completely random but what weapons you choose to train with will have an impact on the rarity of the trained fighter. This is also where some of the OG weapons come into play, you have to decide whether you want to keep the OG weapons which will have special attack combos, do you forge them? or do you use them to potentially train a rare 2nd generation fighter?

The team believes this collection can help us achieve mainly 2 things: 1) increase user-base 2) increase demand for $GCOIN.

We know this is a lot of information so please take time to read through this and ask questions, we will also be releasing a more detailed blog article on the upcoming Genesis Gear Collection in the next week or so.

New Logo

We hosted a competition for our new logo 2 weeks ago and I am happy to announce Tomek_PDT as our winner, you can see our new logo in Discord and also on Opensea now — with so many participants it was really difficult to select winners so I want to sincerely thank you every one who took part with a special shoutout to MXS for his logo which we thought also looked great.


Q: How is matchmaking going to work for non-tournaments? with only like 2.5k unique wallets I would imagine it will not be easy to find ppl to play

You are right that is why the team is doing everything to try and increase user base without devaluing Genesis Galaxy Fighters and $GCOIN — the Genesis Gear Collection drop is one way to do this.

Q: Why do these boxing gloves on OS go for 0.5eth+, whats the value?

Although the upcoming drop will include weapons the OG Boxing Gloves and the Doctore’s will be special, they are basically pre-Genesis weapons. Not only will they have the ability to do combos inside the game on full release, which no other weapon can at the moment, using them to train the 2nd generation fighters also have a much higher chance of getting something special.

Q: My fighters are in a Coinbase wallet, do they need to be in my Metamask to fight or earn coins?

A: No, your fighters will earn $GCOINs even though they are in a Coinbase wallet, it doesn’t really matter which wallet it is in, as long as you are the owner of those wallets and have access to it. We have recently implemented Wallet Connect for our website, you can now connect to our website with all the different kinds of wallet that’s supported by Wallet Connect, such as: Trust Wallet, imToken, TokenPocket. As our user base expands, We will be adding more ways to connect different kinds of wallet to our website, but currently only Metamask and wallet connect is supported.

Q: Can you go into detail around open beta expectations? How many users can participate/will we be able to use all races and our personal fighters/access to forging/crafting prior to full game release?

We will start selecting people for the Beta playtest starting mid-week or next weekend and the selection criteria will be announced at that time, the first thing we are going to do is to run a tournament with pre-made teams and we are planning to have a 5ETH cash prize to this first tournament but of course we need to make sure the game runs smooth enough before. If the tournament goes smoothly then we will be able to open up the Beta playtest to more people in the hundreds.

Q: How much does the team need to all quit their jobs for GFC full-time?

This upcoming Genesis Gear Collection will allow us to do that, we have accomplished everything so far with Dave and myself pretty much working on this project part-time, we are excited to see where we can take this project if we worked on it full-time.

Q: How about a 3D model NFT so we could use in other Metaverses and continue supporting the project elsewhere?

It’s not a priority for us right now but we will get to it when the team expands and we have more development capacity.

Q: Gen 2 training question, sorry if this has been answered already..Do I need 2 Death Robots to breed/ train a gen 2 DR?

No, but you need to burn weapons to train fighters. The idea is that you only need one trainer but the training process is going to require the new fighter to go through training with multiple weapons before they can be considered a trained fighter.

Q: Bought my fighter with a Coinbase wallet, if I verify my account in channel verify-roles using Coinbase wallet is this okay? Because Coinbase wallet has not yet been incorporated is why I ask

A: does support verification with coinbase wallet, so that doesn’t affect you getting verified on Discord. We don’t support Coinbase wallet connection at the moment, but we will be adding more ways to connect to our website in the coming weeks.

Q: Given that tier of a fighter does not impact power in-game, can it be designed that it impacts other aspects of gameplay? For example… trains Gen 2 fighters faster? They level up faster? Basically some reason to warrant buying a higher tier fighter. People flock to lower tiers to maximize GCOIN. There should be a reason to spend a premium on higher tiers

A: We are not planning on doing this, the tiers of the fighter is not an attribute to the fighter, they are simply indicators of the fighter’s other traits/attributes. Also higher tier fighters are usually stronger in battle and more rare so that should be all the reason for buying a higher tier fighter. Originally we intended to make it so that all fighters generated the exact same amount of $GCOIN, so having a 3x differential is already very large in our opinion.

Q: Will more Companions be added down the road? Will you be able to buy them with GCOIN?

Most likely, and they will most likely be added in as a rare loot instead of being able to buy directly with $GCOIN. Like I mentioned above, $GCOIN will never be used to directly buy items such as weapons, armour or companions, because these come from the loot boxes. The only things that you would be able to buy outright with $GCOIN are skins and cosmetic items.

Q:When will the Metakey weapon be implemented? What’s the relative damage?

Metakey will be implemented on full game release, their rarity is a common tier so take from that what you will.




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