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5 min readOct 31, 2021

GFC Update #10

Genesis Key (Tier 1)

What is the Genesis Gear Collection?

When: GFC Holders 9th of November 7PM EST; Partnered projects 10th of Nov 7PM EST
Where: URL will be announced in Discord
Price: 0.15eth
What: The Genesis gear collection is 10,000 Genesis loot box keys that will allow you to open loot boxes and receive unique NFTs for in-game gear, you can get one of the three key tiers from mint:

Mint drop rate and loot by Genesis Key Tier (Current Opensea Prices are benchmarked against existing OG weapons and the existing BYOpill collection on Oct 27th)

All keys will unlock at least 2 unique NFTs (Weapon + BYOPill) from the loot box with Tier 1 keys unlocking up to 4 items from the loot box. The tier of weapons that can be won from each key is also different.

Chances of getting each tier of weapon from loot box by Genesis Key Tier

NOTE: All Genesis weapons from this collection are new and cannot be won later in-game. The overall drop rate of high tier weapons (10%+ on Rares) through a Genesis mint collection is also significantly higher (more than double) than weapon drop rates from Gold keys earned in-game.

Why do you need weapons?

Weapons are a scarce resource inside the game because:

  1. Every non-GFC fighter needs a Genesis weapon to win Gold Keys (which is what allows them to win high tier loot). We expect more daily active users over the long term but there are only 12K Genesis weapons.
  • 10K Genesis Galaxy Fighters who might want to swap their weapons
  • 2nd generation Fighters who need a weapon
  • Partnered collections players will need a weapon to play competitively
  • F2P players will need a weapon to play competitively

2. Forging: weapons are the raw ingredients to forge stronger weapons, the $GCOIN fee for forging in the first week is 100, this will revert to a normal price of 200 after the first week

3. Training: 4 weapons (burned) + 200 $GCOIN = 2nd generation fighters

The 200 $GCOIN fee for training is at a 34% discount and will revert back to 300 after the first week. Genesis weapons also increase your chances of training something rare compared to normal weapons, the Genesis fighter you use for training will also have an impact on the rarity of the trained fighter.

Gen 2 Fighters — designed to look amazing as PFPs

What is special about Genesis weapons is that they are the only way for non-GFC fighters to win Gold Keys inside the game. We expect around 50% of all weapons from the 10K in this collection to be consumed in forging and training which leaves 5K Genesis weapons to be shared amongst the eventual userbase.

Examples of Epic tier weapons that could be opened with Genesis Keys
Weapons from the Genesis Collection

Why do I need BYOPills?

These is an exclusive collection launched with BYOPills, these are consumed during a match which grant the player temporary power such as invulnerability, increased movement speed, increased attack damage, camouflage and instant attack cool-downs. These pills have a long 7 day cool-down that can be sped up with $GCOINs.

NOTE: same with weapons, you do not need these to play the game, you can also get the BYOpills directly from Opensea which will have the same in-game effects which currently costs 0.4E.

The invulnerability pill

What are mystery items?

Genesis Battle Pass from Tier 1 Genesis Keys

Tier 1 keys have a chance of receiving cosmetic items as well as a 25% of receiving a Battle Pass, which grants you the following perks:

  • Ability to create clans and guilds inside the game
  • Automatic whitelist into the public sale/IDO we planned for Q4 2021
  • Exclusive sneak-peaks on all future game developments and features
  • Free mint on all future mints including a potential land sale

Data Source: Market data used in this article was collected October 27th
Legal Disclaimer: The Genesis Gear collection is not a fundraiser or intended to be an investment vehicle, you understand NFTs have no inherent monetary value and meant to be fun art and game items for you to collect