Galaxy Fight Club Partners with Yunko Association

Galaxy Fight Club is proud to announce our newest partnership with Yunko Association (YKA). Yunko Association started out offering a scholarship program based on “Axie Infinity” by Yoon Koh in May 2021. Now, YKA encompasses a range of NFT games such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Ember Sword, Guild of Guardians, and Star Atlas; Galaxy Fight Club is the latest addition to their guild’s spectrum of cutting-edge NFT projects.

YKA aims to help people all over the world to take part in this life-changing opportunity as the world is changing into a more digital world and we are proud to be a part of this.

On the strategic side, our partnership with Yunko Association marks Galaxy Fight Club’s first step in getting into the P2E scholarship space. We believe it is very important to make our game friendly to these scholarship schools as their scholars will make up a large percentage of our players once our game is out.

As part of this partnership Yunko Association will be able to connect us with a number of other scholarship programs and also make the connections with the professional e-Sports scene in Korea when the time comes so we are incredibly excited to work with them.




The first cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe.

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Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

The first cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe.

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