Galaxy Fight Club Forging Instructions

Forging refers to the process of combining a number of weapons into a higher tier and stronger weapon at The Blacksmith.

x # of weapons + 200 $GCOINs = next tier of weapon

The 200 $GCOIN fee for forging will be discounted 50% to 100 $GCOIN for the first week only.

Our weapons contract will be using the ERC1155 to make the forging logic more simple, it will allow players to forge a number of lower tier weapons into a higher tier weapon fully on-chain using a custom function. A player will have to take x number of weapons (also called materials/ingredients) to The Blacksmith, they will the need to pay a fixed amount of $GCOIN and the blacksmith will then forge the lower tier weapons into a higher tier weapon.

The specific weapon that comes out of the forge will be randomly generated however ranged weapons will always generate a ranged weapon and melee weapons will forge into a melee weapon. The Forge mechanic is designed to get rid of excess supply of low level weapons in the game while burning $GCOIN supply from the game economy, it also offer a way for progression for serious players by obtaining more and more powerful weapons.

Key information

  • Go to
  • Connect your wallet and switch to Polygon network
  • Select the forging ingredients and press the red button to forge, you will need to approve multiple transactions, be patient waiting between the transactions as Chainlink VRF can take up to 10 minutes

How to Forge?

Step 1 — Go to our forging portal

Go to

Step 2— Connect your wallet

The page will prompt you to connect your wallet, and you should see this page when you are connected.

Step 3 — Switch to Polygon network

If you are on Ethereum network then you should see this screen, if so click “Add Polygon Network”. Metamask prompt will come up to ask you to switch network, click ‘Switch network’.

Step 4— Wait for your weapons to load

Once your wallet is connected, the weapon forge will load all your available weapons and display all the weapons you have in your wallet

Step 5— Choose your weapons for forging

You can now choose the weapons you would like to use for forging
(P.S. You can only forge weapons which are of the same tier and same category[i.e. melee or ranged], the exact number of weapons need for forging are listed below)

Step 6— Click Forge

The “Forge” button will become red once you have chosen the correct number and type of weapons for forging

Step 7 — Approve contract

Once you click forge, you will need to confirm two transactions on Metamask, one for Chainlink VRF and one for the actual forging, we recommend you use high gas for this. If this is your first time forging, you will also need to approve the contract to use your $GCOIN in addition to the other two transactions.

Note: please be patient between the transactions as Chainlink VRF which ensures on-chain provably fair outcomes can take up to 10 minutes to call back to our contract

Step 7 — Congratulations!

Once your transactions have gone through, you should be able to see your newly forged weapon!

About Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is the first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC+ Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through play-to-earn mechanics.

Official Community Telegram:
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The first cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe.

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Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

The first cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe.

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