Galaxy Fight Club Brings Onboard an Advisor Panel of Deeply Experienced Game Experts

We are excited to share our panel of advisors. We brought on these advisors to the project because of their deep expertise in the gaming space, they will be working with us to give advice around game design, tokenomics and beyond. We look forward to working with these individuals closely to help build out the full vision of what Galaxy Fight Club could be in the coming months and years.

THOMAS VU: Ex-Riot Head of Creative & IP and Executive Producer of League of Legends

Thomas was previously head of Creative and IP Franchises at Riot Games where he was the executive producer behind projects like League of Legends, Arcane and KDA overseeing content strategy and production. Thomas is also one of Sandbox’s key advisors and will be helping us on game design, talent hiring and helping us to incubate new expressions of our IP beyond the MOBA experience.

DAN HAZLEWOOD: Ex-Ubisoft Main Backend Engineer

Dan is a game developer and crypto nerd, known for his attention to detail, and broad knowledge and experience, he has built successful backends highly scalable systems for both indie & AAA, where he spent his time at Ubisoft as the main Backend Engineer for released titles. In crypto he has released 4 fatal disclosures since Christmas, saving companies millions, one being Sandbox Game, with an exploit that required a complete migration of all LAND. You’ll find him in his free time whitehatting and helping people recover inaccessible funds due to hacks

CHASE ROOT: Ex-EA & Capcom QA and Microsoft Producer

Chase has been in the gaming industry for over a decade. Starting as an Embedded QA Tester at Electronic Arts / Capcom and progressing his way up to a Producer role with Microsoft whilst working on major franchises such as FIFA, NHL, Fight Night, UFC, Dead Rising 2 and Gears of War. His great passion for gaming and knowledge of the industry will help guide the team to a successful release.

TRAVIS WU: Co-founder and CEO of Highstreet MMORPG

Travis is the Co-founder and CEO of Highstreet, a MMORPG where in game objects are real products from real brands. With a Metaverse focused on interoperability, Travis is also a prolific investor in the Metaverse and Defi space having invested in and advised over 20 projects that have strong synergy with Highstreet.




The first cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe.

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Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

The first cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe.

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