Dev Blog #41

Galaxy Fight Club
9 min readJan 12, 2023

Dev Blog Summary

a) Game and Web 3 Development

  • Due to the popularity of the holiday game mode we will be extending this until February 1st which is after Chinese New Year
  • There are a number of areas that the development team will focus on fixing in the coming weeks, some of these we have worked on in the past but we will be making a bigger effort on the: 1) Improving new player experience (higher win rate + tutorial) 2) Improving the feedback from gameplay, further minimizing the latency and delay between pressing a button and the act being carried out
  • Starting with the forging page, we are working to make each of the game mechanics pages mobile compatible. While we are at it, we will also be spending some time on testing with some of the mainstream mobile crypto wallet apps to ensure that our dApps are compatible with them. We are also working to make the dashboard more mobile friendly as well

b) Business Development & Marketing

  • The team is aware of some of the issues and frustrations experienced right now, namely in regards to GCOIN, key shards and DAU. We understand and we believe there are two solutions to this 1) continue improving new player experience - which is something constantly being worked on and i think the fact that the last team that won the tournament all used P2E weapons shows increasingly competitiveness of F2P weapons and 2) introduce a new way of playing a game to attract more players who will play the game for enjoyment and not monetary return which is where Battle Royale comes in
  • With Battle Royale we are hoping to shift the focus of GFC being just a play-to-earn game to a game where it is fun to play which is play-to-own, we believe shifting our positioning and changing the reason people play GFC is the first step in solving most of these issues
  • These last 2 weeks we continue to experiment with a number of community building platforms and initiatives including using Crew, Galxe and Link3 as well as continuing to operate our NFTimpact program. Further announcements will be made once our campaigns have been set up on these platforms
  • We are heavily focusing on social proof marketing (mentioned above) and partnership marketing simply because we believe it is the most effective ways of marketing at our disposal, especially given the fact that we are a game that thrives on the cross-IP aspect
  • Another reason we have focused on the above instead of paid ads is because traditional paid advertising for user acquisition does not work well for web3 yet and each user can cost up to $400+ per user. Web3 breaks the typical web2 conversion path, the traditional platforms cannot reach web3 and also there is the attribution problem (GM Frens Lootbox wrote a great article summarising this:

c) Community

  • We split the last bi-weekly tournament into a .5 ETH (7 Weapon Points) and 1.5 ETH (14 Weapon Points) tournaments
  • Congrats to Wings of Zen and GFI Golden Dawn for your wins!
  • Wrapped up the first #plays-of-the-week event, congrats to GFI | xKhey for the sick bounce shot edits!
  • We will soon be looking for Battle Royale Testers, message guru if you are interested
  • Due to popular demand, we are bringing BACK the winter challenge until the end of Chinese New Year on Feb 1, 2023

A: Game and Web 3 Development


Battle royal mode: we continued testing for our Battle Royale mode features these last 2 weeks while adding a number of features

  • Energy loot boxes: players have to attack lootboxes to collect the booster inside of it for an extra 5% health and 5% movement speed. Loot can be stackable. We will also bring this into the existing 3v3 mode so players have more strategic decisions to make while fighting
  • Implemented occlusion culling to improve game performance because the Battle Royale mode map is larger. Occlusion culling is a process which prevents Unity from performing rendering calculations for Game objects that are completely hidden from view (occluded) by other Game objects
  • Implemented survival zone: player will be continuously damaged if they are outside of the border. So they have to move into the middle and fight until the last survivor is found
  • Implemented AI: new AI designed for Battle Royale mode

New GFC characters:

Complete three new character concepts: Viking warrior, Hell boy and Desert Fox

We also started modelling some of these concepts


  • Matchmaking: further updated matchmaking logic for new players so they more accurate mtch with other new players or with easy bots if they cannot find other new players to play with
  • Weapon Balancing: Adjusted the time bullets are shot from the guns so they feel more accurate and with tighter feedback, slightly upgraded stats for weapons in basic and common tiers as well

Pistol: normal skill: changed bullet speed 10>11, dmg/bullet 515 > 535; ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 12>13

Forty-five: normal skill: changed dmg 1005 > 1036; ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 12>13

Firearm: ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 12>13

Bruna Blaster Pistol: normal skill: changed bullet speed 10>11, dmg/bullet 522>532; ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 12>13

Bruna Blaster Pistol 2: normal skill: changed bullet speed 10>11, dmg 1024>1044 ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 12>13

Mac-10: normal skill: changed dmg/bullet 418>428

Harpoon: normal skill: changed dmg 1048> 1068; ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 11>13

Molotov Cocktail: normal skill: changed dmg 181>189

Revolver: normal skill: changed dmg 1059 > 1078

Bruna Bubble blaster: normal skill: changed bullet speed 10>12, dmg 1065>1075; ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 10>13

Bruna Submachine Gun: normal skill: changed bullet speed 10>12, dmg/bullet change 312>318; ultimate skill: changed bullet speed 12>14

Monkey Paw Staff: ultimate skill: changed enemy slowing duration 1>1.2

Water Cooler: ultimate skill: changed cooldown 19>20, changed enemy slowing duration2>1.6


We noticed that our community is being made up by more and more scholars and some of them don’t have access to PCs which causes them to have trouble interacting with some of our dApps. This is something we have been working on solving in order to create a better player experience.

Starting with the forging page, we are working to make each of the game mechanics pages mobile compatible. While we are at it, we will also be spending some time on testing with some of the mainstream mobile crypto wallet apps to ensure that our dApps are compatible with them.

We are also working to make the dashboard more mobile friendly as well. We plan to only include the wallet stats and GCOIN claim features on the mobile version, and include links to other game mechanics instead of embedding those pages onto the dashboard, since it will cause display issues on a small screen.

B: Business Development & Marketing

Part of our responsibilities as a successful web3 project is staying on top of the newest platforms and operations in this space. Therefore, we decided to try out various platforms currently being used to attract new, active and dedicated community members.

The platforms we decided to explore are as follows -


We are in the process of getting everything set up and you can expect further announcements regarding each individual platform as we start campaigns on each individual one.

Furthermore, we are in conversations with several tournament-hosting platforms to explore the opportunities of hosting dedicated tournaments on platforms with an existing user base.

Last but certainly not least, the rewards for participation in the NFTimpact program have been sent out. We decided to take the top 25 rankings and reward the actual individual users of within those top ranks the most.

This means that based on the leaderboard, BuckLikesCrypto ended up in 2nd place. However, since 1st place is not an individual user, he got rewarded with the first place rewards.

Respectively, Jwoodle, who got 11th place now ended up in 7th place, and so on.

As promised, we increased the rewards. Each participant who ended up in the top 10 got rewarded with an additional 2 gold keys.

The final leaderboard can be seen here -

The projects in the top 25 will be contacted and asked to give away their rewards to their community.

A little teaser to wrap it up -

The championship is very close and you can expect some steam in the coming weeks!

C: Community

Upcoming Events:

*Cross-IP Partners welcome in ALL EVENTS

*Can only play in one cash pot event

**Wildcard Requires GEN1 Fighter for GFC entrants

In the lead up to Cross-IP Championship we will allow partner projects to participate in GFC tournaments for practice. We are spreading the wealth a bit this month to see

WOW WOW WOW some of our best tournament play to date this past weekend!! Seriously well played folks, the 14 point event brought out the BIG GUNS and it was fun to watch. We saw a number of major comebacks, new weapons and strategies play out like never before. Congrats to GFI Golden Dawn for taking down another tournament (and going undefeated) with a team that featured 3 P2E weapons (the reworded Bruna Fire Axe, Special Delivery, Last Wish). They used a Glorken Fire Axe tank to deal damage and soak up damage while the long range weapons provided support… was fun to see a tank strategy deployed with so much success!! Look for more high point tournaments in the future. Congrats to all participants for putting together smart builds with the high powered weaponry, saw some awesome combos out there…. Was nice to see a few Genesis 1 weapons as well with many reptar, alien, btc weapon, plasma orbs and flamethrower making some appearances… wen GEN1 only tournament?

1.5 ETH GFC Tournament

Great turnout for both of the tournament events with the .5 ETH lower points tournament giving some new faces and teams a chance to compete for cash prizes. Shout out to Wings of Zen on their first win. Shoutout to OG WIlbur and Waldbeer for putting up a fight versus the guilds finishing 4th!

.5 ETH GFC Tournament

1. @GFI | xKhey echo chamber edits

2. @Nothing2say echo chamber edits

3. @Dennis. echo chamber edits

4. @ZFusion }{8 triple kin for the win

5. @xKevv Last Wish Snipe

The CHRISTMAS EVENT ended but backed by popular demand we will be BRINGING BACK the winter wonderland event for CNY (Chinese New Year) with the event running until February 1. This will truly be the last time you can get these FRIGID (but quite effective) in game perks so get them while you can!

If any community members have ideas for events of this type please discuss with Guru so we can take note and plan for more similar events in the future!!