Dev Blog #25

Dev Blog Summary

a) Game and Web 3 Development

  • On the game side we have taken a huge step forward in these last two weeks, last week we hosted the first ever GFC Tournament — 150 warriors. 50 teams. 10k+ in prizes, this was a test tournament that helped us validate our tournament features are running as expected before we start running more tournaments for internal and external communities. You can watch a highlight of the tournament here:
  • New skins and characters such as KaijuKingz, DeadHeads, Habibis, EthLizards and others are being integrated into the game and will be ready on the next game build
  • Certain weapons are going to be rebalanced based on findings and feedback from the tournament
  • ReNFT renting platform is now fully ready and integrated, which means players can start renting/lending fighters to be used inside the game, more details and instructions on how to do this will be announced in a separate guide on Medium

b) Business Development & Marketing

  • Collaboration with Bored Elon’s Bored Box as one of the 5 gaming studios featured, the Bored Laser Canon skin is meant to attract new players into our ecosystem but cannot be used for forging and training
  • Had an event with Polemos, where we had an AMA on their Discord and hosted a tournament in collaboration with a prize pool of $1000
  • Yas flew out to VeeCon this past week to network with both existing and new partners, we will continue to keep up our real-life presense with our Yacht Party in NYC next month
  • Great process has been made with content creation since the onboarding of our Content Director, we now have the AMA Series, Play of the Week, Weapon Guide content series as well as a few other one-off content pieces

c) Community

  • Introduction of Galaxy Community Cup series and Bi-weekly tournaments, trophies in-game have been reset and will be used to filter for 16–32 teams in the next Bi-weekly tournament to be hosted on the 12th of June

A: Game and Web 3 Development


On the game side we have made a huge step forward these last two weeks, last week we hosted the first ever GFC Tournament — 150 warriors. 50 teams. 10k+ in prizes.

After 6 hours+ of live streaming and more on preparation, we have concluded our first ever GFC tournament, which was a big success that ran very smoothly. Remember this is just a test tournament to make sure things work technically rather than maximising exposure, we learned a lot on how we can optimise and streamline our future tournaments based on last week’s experience. Congratulations to The Way of the Zen for winning the title and thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament for making it such a fun experience.

If you missed the live stream, you can still check it out on our Twitch and YouTube channels, we also put together a condensed 1 hour highlight below.

There will be no new build this weekend, we are focusing on integrating new characters into the next game build which should be released around next weekend. In the next build you will see the following added:

  • Graphic quality selection (Low/Medium/High)
  • Working on a new inventory page to allow the use of new skins such as Champ, Kmanu and others
  • New avatars integrated: KaijuKingz, DeadHeads, Habibis, EthLizards and others
Artists working on new weapon skins and characters for integration
  • Improved weapon balance based on feedback from the tournament


As mentioned in Dev Blog #23, there are 9 sub-tasks that we need to complete before we are ready to release P2E, if you want to be reminded of what these tasks are you can read up here:

Task 1: NFT auth API optimized and stress tested for heavy in-game use

  • Status: Stress testing via Open Beta

We had our first tournament last week and it really put the NFT auth API to the test. Dave saw in the DevOps panel that the rps (request per second) on the API went up to 450+ at the time. The API had a momentary slower response time spike to around 200ms but then quickly went down again. This shows that the API can deal with some traffic but not as much as we would like it to be able to handle. Part of the reason being that the underlying blockchain node provider was under stress, we are already in work to add in caching mechanisms to reduce the amount of requests go through to actually request data from the node.

Task 2: Energy system for each NFT

  • Status: Testing via Open Beta

We are already able to monitor how the energy system is behaving through the admin panel, however the task of balancing is ever-lasting, the formula for energy usage, replenishment and fragment drop rate are subject to change according to our observation.

This will change and might continue to change until P2E goes live and maybe even after that, we will share details about the metrics once it is carefully calibrated.

Task 3: Admin panel to monitor game activity and allow for team to ban players or stop players from earning key fragments

  • Status: Live for team

The Admin panel went live but after briefly using it, the operations side of the team thinks that some of the information it is providing isn’t intuitive enough. For instance, match history/details query, we are able to see individual matches if we search by match id, but we can go further by clicking the player and see all the matches that particular player was in. In other words, the information is all there, but they are not very easy to access. Most of it will require manual manipulation and some time to piece together. We aim to use this admin panel on a daily basis to monitor in-game activities and it is necessary to make it easy to use for the team.

The dev team will keep on iterating, and add new features to improve usability and effectiveness of the admin panel.

Task 4: Dashboard for key-fragments and keys

  • ETA: 20th of June-> 30th of June

This item started not long after the 1st version of the admin panel went live, currently we already have a prototype version of it which shows the connected wallet how many key-fragments they have earned from playing the GFC game.

The new key-fragments and key contracts are expected to be finalized in the next couple of days, and it will be deployed on Mumbai testnet then. After that the fragment-claim and the key-smith feature can be implemented into the page too.

Since a few of the devs that are supposed to be working on this feature will still be working on improving the admin panel, we are expecting a slight delay on this task. The new ETA is 30th of May.

Task 5: New loot box contract for key fragments

Task 6: New forging contract to allow for non-genesis weapons

  • Status: In review and testing stage
  • ETA: 10th of June

There was some back and forth with these 2 items, unfortunately we are still unable to finalize these contracts despite the incredible progress mentioned in the last update. However, this item is still on-track to be completed by the ETA.

Task 7: Allow Gen 2 training contract to take in non-genesis weapons

  • ETA: 17th of June

Task 8: Non-genesis weapon in game

  • ETA: 24th of June

Task 9: Game build with rewards in place

  • ETA: 15th of July

There are no updates for these 3 items currently, since they all come after the previous items are completed.


Metadata API

We have gathered 60+ GB of metadata and images from our partnering project mostly by scraping them off IPFS with a script, our next step would be to host them on our server and update logic for the metadata endpoint. Instead of fetching from IPFS when requested, it will be coming directly from our server’s storage. This item is expected to be done within the next week.

Renting Platform powered by ReNFT

Our collateral free renting platform powered by ReNFT is now live.

If you are a lender, you can now lend out your assets on, from a technical perspective your fighter will be in the custody of the reNFT smart contract while it is on loan. As for GCOIN yield, we will be rolling out another update on the merkle proof submitter which will track the original owner of the fighter and original owners will still be able to claim generated GCOIN even though the fighter is in custody of the reNFT contract.

If you have rented a fighter via reNFT, we will be able to see your rented fighter as a character you can use in your inventory, and you can choose the rented fighter to fight in matches.

Unstoppable Domain Integration

Super excited to share the news on partnering with Unstoppable Domain (UD), we are currently working on implementing UD as a way to sign up and login to our dashboard. UD has over 300k+ user currently and have 200+ partnering projects, we are happy to be invited to become part of their ecosystem and we believe the partnership will be beneficial for both parties.

B: Business Development & Marketing


The past two weeks were once again filled with amazing events and collaborations.

We had an amazing Twitter Space with Ruggies. Ruggies is a community that is being built as a place where you can share and check in with what you’re going through. We all have shared negative experiences and we wanted to create an environment with good vibes and a friendly atmosphere where people feel comfortable talking about what’s on their mind.

Since everyone can relate to that feeling, we wanted to collaborate with them. They picked up a Galaxy Fight Club NFT on the secondary market and gave it away and donated 3 of their NFTs for us to give away!

Unfortunately, they forgot to record the Twitter Space but we will be looking to invite them back onto another one in the future.

Following that, we revealed an amazing collaboration with Bored Elon and his launch of the Bored Box

In essence, the Bored Box contains an asset from 5 different gaming studios, one of them being from Galaxy Fight Club

We contributed with a special weapon skin (not to be used for forging or training) which you can find here —

Additionally, he interviewed us on his YouTube Channel. This interview covers all of the essential infos you need to know about our contribution to the Bored Box.

You can find the interview here (

Moving forward, we will continue working with Bored Elon on various events and activities.

Furthermore, we had yet another event in collaboration with Polemos. We held another AMA on their Discord and hosted a tournament in collaboration with a prize pool of $1000 —

Finally, Yas actually flew out to VeeCon this past week to network with both existing and new partners.

He made great connections during his time at VeeCon, not only with NFT projects but also within the whales of the VeeFriends community and Vayner staff — and not to forget, met up with several community members of GFC!!

Here are some pictures he took to give you an idea of it:

GFC (Yas, Axecap) with CyberKongz, Deadheads, Brycent and others


The last two weeks have been filled with amazing news and of course– quality content. We have heard our community and have started creating various content series to deliver content in a way that personifies who Galaxy Fight Club is.

AMA Content Series — (

With the AMA Series , we hope to create more visibility for the bi-weekly updates and progress that we as GFC are making for the wider public. These will be segmented into 3–4 major key points and will be posted leading up to the following AMA.

Play of The Week — (

The Play of The Week is intended to create a fun e-game’s esque weekly activation to highlight the best plays and showcase the amazing gameplay of Galaxy Fight Club.

Weapons Guide — (

As a new user coming into this ecosystem, there are various aspects of Galaxy Fight Club that need a visual representation that accurately displays how a weapon works. Everything from what weapon stats , how the basic attack is used and how much damage the ultimate inflicts on its opponents. We hope to create a library of content that makes it easier for users to onboard onto the game.

Below are a few notable items we have released

Item 1: Roadmap Update —

Item 2: YGG x Galaxy Fight Club Carnival Event — (

Item 3: Gameplay Reel — (

In regard to our efforts to expand our Creative Team, we have on-boarded a Graphic Artist who is helping create various pieces of content like the Roadmap Update and templates to help streamline visual material for our community to share.

We are still looking to hire:

  1. Illustrator
  2. Game Environment Artist

As for our Twitch Templates, they are being finalized by the 30th of May. So stay tuned for the upcoming streaming events!

C: Community

__Game, set, ACTION!__

Did you know? Custom rooms are back and boy oh boy, are we happy about that?! Not only does that mean you can finally assemble your favourite squad. You get to tee off against other people in search of glory and tournament wins!!!

It has begun! Tournament time!!

We kicked things off with a 2vs2 tournament to warm up!

We had a few hiccoughs when releasing the custom rooms with the IOS/Android divide (all fixed now) so we had to set things up for IOS and Android separately but it was fun! Definitely something that will be repeated in the near future!

Congratulations Gab#1065 & Matei#3770 and allyn#8444 & ❄️Ash King❄#9000 for winning their respective brackets!

This was obviously just a warm-up for the GFC Qualifier!!

Over 50 teams registered and qualified for many hours of action and some insanely close matches!! We all know the ins and outs by now and who the winners were, once again congratulations The way of Zen, but we all know that WE WANT MORE!!

Expect tournaments on a bi-weekly, if not weekly basis! We are talking nice prize pools, streams on Twitch and Youtube, give us more Guru and just plenty of action for everyone involved!!

We are kicking it of this weekend, the first leg of the Galaxy Community Cup (GCC)! A cross-over between a tournament and a league. Always on the US, Asia AND Europe server, with different twists and turns!

This weekend we are starting off with a 3vs3, using trial weapons and characters only! You want a level playing field well you got it!! No excuses mano a mano, may the best team win!

Next to the GCC we will be holding bi-weekly tournaments where we will be handing out more ETH and more spots for the cross-IP tournament!!
You better go start practising!!



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